"Between Today and Tomorrow" is a parable of the emergence and disappearance of love, concentrated in just one night, a hotel room – and a couple, a woman and a man who barely know each other, but are filled with longing and tenderness. After their unforeseen meeting, they have to face the decision whether to start a new life together – at the cost of their extistenc so far.

Forty-something Anouk, a translator who dreams of publishing her own novel, comes in Berlin across Heiner, an architect and somewhat older than her. He is a fascinating man who designs, expatiates and creates space. He has a dream, too: to build a cathedral one day.
When Heiner and Anouk virtually stumble across each other, they discover a special glimpse in each other´s eyes. Both of them secretly hide another dream: To begin a new and true love for maybe the last time in their lives.
They start an “amour fou” in a hotel room, and the lives they led so far are at stake: They could stick to their respective - apparently stable - marriages – or start a future together, potentially right this particular night.
Anouk and Heiner open up with unconditional trust and exchange life stories, even without having known each other before. Albeit the moment of most heartfelt love is elusive, devoid of permanence – it is notwithstanding of unequaled intensity.
After the break of dawn, Anouk and Heiner come apart, and it remains open if they will meet again.

However, as for the characters, the film does not end in melancholy, but with a strong sense of having experienced the one true love - although it was just for a couple of hours. For Heiner and Anouk, their experience will by all means be everlasting, even despite the fact that it might be irretrievably gone now.



Movie picture, 35 mm. ca. 87 min. Dolby digital

Produced by Nostro Film and filmer's film in coproduktion with SWR and arte.



Gesine Cukrowski

Peter Lohmeyer

and Alexander Held, Harry Baer, Susann Uplegger, Ismail Sahin, Oona Devi Liebich, Klaus Schindler,

Marc Zwinz, Klaus Beimer, W. Anders, Barbara A. Frey, und René Schoenenberger



Fred Breinersdorfer

written by: Fred Breinersdorfer und Dagmar Leupold

director of photography: Rudolf Blahacek

setdesign: Anette Kuhn

sound: Jürgen Göpfert

edited by: Hedy Altschiller

produced by: Nostro Film,: Frank Döhmann

and filmer's film, : Fred Breinersdorfer

a coproduktion with SWR and arte



Till Brönner


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